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Return to Sisyphus

An act that I associate with uselessness or one that is somewhat futile is that of watching cable news TV over and over.  The information changes very little and is never finished.  More news is always available.  For me I guess Ted Turner cast the shadow of a modern day Sisyphus.  He created an activity that never ends, its on 24/7.  The reporter reads the news every half hour and at the end of the segment, they begin again.  The path of pushing the rock or in this case the news is never finished.  Just as Sisyphus, it is doomed to start anew every day.  And like Sisyphus’ work, the news has an intended or unintended consequence.  The case of characters change but the inhumanity to fellow humans and the environment doesn’t change.  Yet I, and lots of others continue to watch.  The reporter reads the news and the world wakes up tomorrow doomed to hear the same plot.