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Return to Sisyphus

The thing I love most about living in the middle of our beautiful, peaceful forest is sitting on one of our decks and looking down on the stream that meanders down the valley below our house.  Its small waterfalls are constantly changing as the sun moves across the sky, at times highlighting one fall and later illuminating another.  The lush vegetation, dominated by the shiny green leaves of rhododendrons and laurel, is a pleasure to look at in any season.  When tree limbs fall into the water and leaves accumulate and cover the rocks in the autumn, I go down to the valley to give Mother Nature a hand and "neaten" things by removing the debris.  In order to expose the rocks I love to look at I start by clearing off fallen leaves but then find that moss still covers many of them so I end up scraping, brushing and scrubbing some so they will look more like......pure, clean rocks!  My friends love to tease me about what seems to them the obsession of an eccentric rock-scrubbing freak.  But I smile and let them enjoy poking fun at me and when the rocks again disappear under leaves and the moss that returns every year, I go down to the water and repeat my Sisyphean task which I find very calming and meditative and not at all a chore.