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Return to Sisyphus

Many aspects of yardwork can be termed useless activities.  Pulling such noxious weeds as dandelions is a no-win situation.  For every one you dig-up, at least two take it’s place.  Then you get out the weed-eater to trim around the house, trees, shrubs, etc, but in two weeks, it looks like you haven’t weed-whacked in two months.

In mid-October, the leaves turn colors and are beautiful, but then they begin to fall until they’re all down by early December.  With nearly three acres of trees, there are literally tons of leaves to rake.  It is easily a month-long job at 40 hours a week to rake them or drag them on a large sheet of plastic off into the woods or as an alternative, burn them, which then sends smoke throughout the neighborhood including into our house.


The yard is always full of downed limbs or twigs, neither of which are very good for the lawnmower blade.  So I can’t begin to cut the grass until the yard is cleared of all debris.  Then there is the hazard of bee stings.  Last summer there were at least five of these nests in the ground.   Typically you don’t see them until you are stung at least five times.  These bees are very small, but their sting is very painful and itches for at least two weeks.


Given all the above, I still love yard work and look forward to working in the great outdoors every spring, summer, and fall!!